Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mike Rehe joins Ender Racing

I am please to announce that my good friend Mike Rehe has decided to join the Ender Racing Team. Mike is one of the finest individual sailors in the midwest, and one of the best teammates I have been able to sail with. If you have had any experience sailing with or against him you would know that he is tremedously professional both on and off the water.

Mike and I started racing with each other at the 2006 US Match Racing Championship and went on to win the first annual BYC invitational match race. Aside from match racing with me, Mike has been able to sail with some top professionals from around the world and has been a part of two Grade 2 Match Race winning teams, first with CVT at the Knickerbocker Cup and later with Simon Minoprio at the 2008 Detroit Cup. Mike and I have done a lot of sailing together over the years. For all the things that need to happen to get a winning team to the finish line, the actual sailing part is where the rubber meets the road.....Mike is the engine that drives the vehicle. His professionalism, focus, and talent will be a great base from which to build a team around.

Mike signs on at a very exciting time for the team. Big things are in the works, goals are being set, and schedules are being made. If you have not heard, Don Wilson has decided to start the "Midwest Match Racing Center" in Belmont Harbor, Chicago. By the start of next summer there will be a floating boathouse on the north side of the harbor and ten Tom28's. Don plans to hold multiple practices per week throughout the summer and try to attract talent from around the country and around the world. With Bill Hardesty signed on as the center's coordinator, and pleanty of support for umpire boats, marks, and everything else this should turn out to be one of the premier match racing venues in the country....if they can get the wind to cooperate.