Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Update:

For those of you who actually read this blog there have been several changes in our lives over the past few months; in all honesty it has been hard to keep up with them ourselves, let alone update the blog for everyone.

First off, I started a new job in December in Chicago working for Geneva Trading. Many of you may have heard of Geneva Trading, who's founding partners are all world-class sailors; most notably Tom Freitag, Art Bererton, and Brian Porter (Full Throtle). I took a job designing and trading quantitative strategies for the firm...things are going well, but home always calls. The decision to stop sailing full time and pursue a different path came on the heels of my brother Evan's passing. Evan fought Lukemia for 21 months before it got the better of him; and from there I decided that it wouldn't be fair to him if I continued to half-ass my life. So Ender-Racing has always been about sailing.....and the occasional political I am dedicating it completely to the Ender-Racing team and the acheivement of our goals in Match Racing.

The move to Chicago was timely when you consider that Don Wilson is opening his US Match Race Center this summer here in Chicago. The venue is being funded by Don, and directed by Bill Hardesty; which means that world-class Match Racing talent will be in and out of here weekly, not to mention all the women's Olympic teams that will use the facilities to practice. The timing and the placement could not be better for us.

Mike Rehe and I decided after last years USMRC that we were going to put forth a serious effort in the events from now on. Our goal is to win the 2010 USMRC at Bayview Yacht Club, and we have a two year Match Race plan in place to get there. As the sailing season gets going again we will be updating the blog frequently, so please check back in for regatta debriefs and other information.....and political rants (damn Pelosi!!).

Also, the Ender-Racing team is not exclusive; we are open to anyone with a passion for Match Racing and an Objectivist philosophy. Good luck, and good sailing.

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