Monday, March 9, 2009

Ender-Racing competes in Bacardi Cup

Mikey is down in Miami sailing the Star boat in the Bacardi Cup this week with Jack Jennings. Jack has been sailing the Star at a consistently high level this winter and the two have some experience sailing together so we are all hoping for a good result. Hopefully I can get Mike to send in some daily updates; otherwise please send him some good luck vibes as the fleets is stacked ( and they will need all the help they can get.

Update (3/10/09) : I received a text from Mike last night, and I quote, "Just checked the blog. Yesterday we both showed up hungover as a 31. Today we showed up with our game faces on and ended up 8th. It was a pretty good day." And 8th at the Bacardi Cup is very good, hopefully the guys can lay off the booze for the rest of the week. For those who dont know, the Star class typically only sails one race a day with legs greater than 1.75 miles, so its a daily grind...showing up hungover is not the ideal way to approach this regatta...but these guys know that. I cant blame them though, for some reason every time I put flip flops on I want to have a beer too....

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