Monday, June 29, 2009


I have to give a shout out to my boys on Flash Gordon. We've all been working hard for the last several years getting the Farr40 team up to speed. Its great to see that all the hard work is paying off. They just finished fifth in a stacked fleet at the 2009 World Championships in Porto Cervo, Italy. The best part about the whole thing was their strong finish. Going into the last two days they were sitting in 7th overall, and finished strong with a 4, 2, 3, 3 in the last four races to move into fifth.

Like I said, we have been at this for years and it is great to see the team competing at the top level. 5th is a great showing in such a strong fleet, no doubt the top four boats were the favorites going into the event; in my mind they are the top four Farr40's in the world....Barking Mad won, followed by Nerone, JoeFly, and Mascalzone Latino (3x World Champions) be in that company is fantastic. Major props go to the team on the water; Bill Hardesty (tactician), Joe Londrigan (Main), Dave Gerber (Jib), Scott Murin (Pit), Ed Norton (Float), Carrie Howe (offside), Brian "T-ten" Taruta (Mast), Matt Cassidy (Bow), Evan Jahn (alt helm), and Helmut Jahn (helm).....also, these guys couldnt have pulled this off without a great support team....Coach Ed Adams has been with us through everything, providing some much needed direction and, uhhh, commentary....and Kyle Kandt, the finest boat captain I have ever seen...its always nice to never be able to use the boat as an excuse. Evan, Helmut, Gerb and Kyle have worked especially hard over the last few years to pull this program together and raise it to this level, truly was a world-class effort...and has proven world-class results. Cheers boys! Stuurs and I were definately there in just proud to have been a part of it. Nice job. - Gary

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